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All used titles listed on our website are sourced from Real Groovy Auckland, where they are also available for purchase instore. Please be aware that any used title ordered from this website may be sold instore prior to fulfillment. Should this occur, the item will be removed from your order, and you will be informed via email - please refer to our
Terms and Conditions for more information on cancellations. The list of available used titles is updated twice daily to remove items sold instore from our website.


All New items and used Compact Discs, DVDs and Games are guaranteed to play perfectly. Used videotapes vary in quality and some play less than perfectly. This is reflected in the price of the item but please contact us if you wish to be advised on the quality of a used video recording before you buy. In most cases used items sold by Real Groovy are indistinguishable from new. Used vinyl recordings are guaranteed to be playable but it must be accepted that the condition may vary, and this is taken into consideration when we price items. We are happy to advise the condition of a listed copy of a particular vinyl recording or videotape on emailed request.


Real Groovy is always prepared to take unwanted movies, music and games that Real Groovy considers to be saleable titles in good condition regardless of where they were purchased. Cash is only paid for fast selling items in new condition. Cash value is 50% of the trade value. Customers trading titles will be requested to provide positive identification. Our trading staff are trained to identify illegal trading activity – any suspicious trading activity will be reported to police. Contact our trades department for further information.

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