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What’s the difference between the Pro-Ject Turntables and the Crosleys that you sell?
Crosleys are a basic record player and they have a built-in amplifier and speakers. Sometimes also a tuner and CD player. Pro-Ject are High Fidelity turntables that need to be connected to a stereo system.
ProJect turntables will not cause wear or damage to your valuable records, and your records will sound much better. A full range is made to suit all budgets, from inexpensive entry-level models to those costing ten thousand dollars and more.
Can I plug the Pro-Ject turntable into my stereo or home theatre system?
Check your input selector for a PHONO option – it will usually have CD/Tuner/Aux/Tape/Phono selector, or if it’s a home theatre with a display it may also have DVD/VHS/FM/AM as well. If it does have a built-in phono stage you can plug it straight in.
If it doesn’t have a PHONO input you’ll either need to get a USB model turntable, or a separate Phonobox, just over $200, or a Phonobox USB which will also plug into a computer. (The signal output from a turntable cartridge is much lower than that from a CD player or other device, so the level has to be boosted by a small pre-amplifier, which is the phono stage in your amp or within the Phonobox).
Can I plug the Pro-Ject turntable into my computer?
If it’s a USB turntable or you have a Phonobox USB you can plug it straight into your computer to create high-quality digital files of your records. You may need to download some free software but there’s plenty of information online to help.
Do they come with a cartridge and stylus?
All Pro-Ject turntables that we carry in store are ready to use. We can Special Order the more high-end models without cartridge and this allows the customer to choose the combination of turntable model and cartridge that delivers the sound which best satisfies his or her taste and budget.
Where are Pro-Ject Turntables made?
They are made in the Czech Republic in a factory with a 50-year history of making turntables.
Why do most Pro-Ject record players not have an automatic turn-off?
Historically, Pro-Ject and other high-end record players have concentrated on sound quality at the expense of comfort features found on consumer class products.
The end-of-side auto-turn-off is comfortable but does not help to prevent records from becoming damaged. The “plop-plop-plop“ at the end of a side unremittingly reminds the listener to turn the record over or to put it back in its protective sleeve, and stops you becoming a couch potato!
Can I do scratching on a Pro-Ject?
No. They aren’t a DJ turntable; they are designed for High Fidelity home audio use.
If you want to be a DJ and practice your skills you should buy one of our Audio Technica direct drive turntables.
Are they easy to assemble?
Yes, they are very easy and quick to assemble. But you do need to read the instructions because there are some small but highly important steps that you must not miss out.
Also if you ever need to transport your turntable it helps if you’ve kept the original box and packaging. If you don’t have these, at the very least you must remove the platter first and secure the tonearm to the tonearm rest, otherwise you are very likely to damage delicate and expensive parts.
What’s the difference between the Essential and the Debut Carbon?
The Essential is a good quality – yet low cost – entry-level turntable, but it is still high fidelity and represents great value to those on a tight budget.
The Debut Carbon has been engineered to higher standards – the tonearm is carbon fibre, the motor is better isolated from the plinth, and it has a better quality cartridge. None of these improvements are gimmicks: they all add up to creating a turntable that is the equal of those at up to three times the price.
It won the European Imaging and Sound Association Best Product 2012-2013 award, the HiFi Voice Turntable of the Year 2012, TONEaudio Product of the Year and the Audiophile Best Buy award. It’s amazing value and we can recommend it with confidence.


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