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Our product database contains over one million titles sourced from suppliers in New Zealand, the United States, and Europe.
If your search result returns too many titles, try using more specific search keywords, or filter your search results.
If your search results return too few, or no titles, try more general keywords. You may also need to try searching by different methods to find the title you are after. For example, if a title search does not return the title you are looking for, try searching by Artist, Author, Actor or vice versa.
The quickest way to find an item you are looking for is to use the search form at the top of every page on our website. You can search by a number of different product attributes, such as Music Title/ DVD Title / Game Title or Artist / Author /Actor, or search for “All Titles”, which will return a search summary of all titles that satisfy your search terms.

Alternatively, you can use our Advanced Search to perform more specific searches. Using our Advanced Search, you can filter results by a number of product attributes, such as record label, price range, format, etc.



This is our default search. It will return a page listing the titles of products that satisfy the search terms.

These titles can then be filtered by product type, for example music / DVD / game or book title.

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Searching by Artist / Author / Actor will return a list of contributors that satisfy your search terms. To assist you identify a contributor a list of associated titles is displayed adjacent to each contributor. Click on the contributor name to view all the items available for that contributor.
This list can be filtered by product type, for example music / DVD / game or book title.


Searching By ISBN
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique number allocated to a published book. ISBNs uniquely identify a book as no two books share the same ISBN. If you are looking for a particular title, the ISBN provides the best way of ensuring you identify the correct title.
To locate a book by ISBN, enter the number into the search box and select “ISBN” from the dropdown list. Click the “Search” button to perform the search.

If the book is in our database of available titles, the product page will display.



Search results are presented in a list format that provides a summary of the title, including the format and source. You can filter out search result titles by using the drop down lists to select the option you are interested in. For example, to view only book titles that are hardbacks, select “Hardback” from the format drop down list, while to view used and secondhand music titles, select “Used” from the source drop down list. Filters can be used together, so you could filter for secondhand DVD titles, for example.



Search results are presented in a default order. For example, title searches are automatically ordered by "best match", and titles listed from a contributor search will be ordered alphabetically by title. However, most search results allow you to order results by an alternative method. To order by an alternative, just select that option and the search results with be automatically re-sorted.

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