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The Real Groovy Club is our customer loyalty programme, rewarding customers by allocating club points based on spend - accrue two hundred points and automatically receive $20 off your purchase!

For a once only fee of five dollars, you receive a club card that accrues a point for every dollar you spend. This applies both to online and instore purchases: online, your points balance is shown on a CLUB-O METER (which is displayed on the website when the club member is logged in); instore, your membership card is scanned and your points balance can be viewed on the point-of-sale terminal.

Get more information on joining the Real Groovy Club available here.




Real Groovy Club members are responsible for the security of their club card. If your card is lost or stolen, you should inform us as soon as possible and arrange a replacement card. Replacement cards can be issued for a $5 fee. Replacement cards will automatically invalidate the previous card. Positive ID will be required before a replacement card will be issued.

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To earn Real Groovy Club points on website purchases you need to have either:

  • Purchased your membership online, or:
  • Purchased a membership instore, and entered your club card number and code when creating your website customer account. See here for more details on how to associate your club membership with your website customer account.


Points are available on most products. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, concert tickets, game consoles, phone cards, non-Real Groovy Gift Vouchers. Other exceptions may include sale items, promotional items, or low margin items.
Club members do not earn points when gift vouchers are redeemed, or on redemption of credit notes for faulty or mis-supplied goods (points were awarded on your original purchase).
Instore, points are awarded once the transaction is finalised. Online, points are awarded when ordered items are dispatched.
One point is awarded for each full NZ dollar spent. For example, a $10.01 spend earns 10 Club points: a $9.99 spend earns 9 Club points.

Points will not be issued retroactively – you MUST remember to have your card with you whenever you shop in-store.

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When 200 club points are earned, a $20 bonus will be awarded on the purchase that triggers the 200th point, saving $20 on the total value of the sale. This applies to instore or website purchases. Once the $20 bonus is awarded, the 200 points earned are extinguished and any additional points are accrued toward the next $20 bonus.
Should the value of the purchase triggering the 200 th point be less than the $20 bonus to be applied to that sale; in the case of instore purchases, a credit note will be issued for the balance: in the case of website purchases, a website gift voucher will be issued for the balance.

Important notes:

  • Bonuses must be awarded on the transaction that triggers the 200 th point.
  • Instore, points are awarded at time of purchase.
  • Online, points are awarded when ordered items are dispatched.

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