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Now you can park for FREE while you shop at Real Groovy Auckland on weekends!
The Tournament Carpark on Waverly Street, is free to customers WHILE YOU ARE SHOPPING at Real Groovy during business hours 9-7 on weekends and public holidays. 
Just grab a parking pass from our security team and shop at Real Groovy.  (Wilson parking checks passes hourly.  If we cannot contact you in the store, and if you have not paid for a ticket, you will incur a fine)
Here's a map to help you find it:
Real Groovy takes no responsibility for costs and penalties applied if your car is left after these hours, or if you illegally park without shopping at Real Groovy.  Wilson and Real Groovy montitor the parks regularly, so cars left without a parking pass, or customers not in the store but parked illegally will be ticketed.  Nor for any damage or inconvenience caused by parking in the building. Please do not park in reserved or disabled parks.


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