Taane,  Tiki - Past,  Present,  Future

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Past, Present, Future  

Taane, Tiki


Released: 2007. .
Compact Disc. In Stock NZ.


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The highly anticipated debut solo album from former Salmonella Dub frontman Tiki Taane! PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE is an album that is musically fearless, intensely personal & culturally significant. It is the culmination of a musical journey that has already spanned more than a decade.

The raw fusion of Tiki’s trademark bass-heavy production with traditional Maori instrumentation characterises the album. “It’s like punk dub meets tangatawhenua,” Taane states matter-of-factly.

Widely renowned as one of Aotearoa NZ’s most talented musicians, producers, sound engineers & vocalists, the depth of Taane’s musical knowledge becomes obvious in an album enriched by contrast & diversity. It is dark yet enlightening, distorted but lush, electronic & organic, grounding though still uplifting. Driven by a desire to truly understand himself & his history, Taane has put everything on the line to create a piece of art that is meaningful & challenging. “I am motivated & inspired by all who have come before me, all who I walk with today, & all who will follow,” he says. “Being of Maori & Pakeha descent has also been a huge influence. To feel as though I have walked between two worlds, yet struggled to belong to either, has allowed me the freedom to forge my own path.”

Guest vocalists include Taane’s father Uekaha Taanetinorau & grandmother Inuwai, as well as PDigsss (Shapeshifter), Julia Deans (Fur Patrol), Celia Church & Zaniah Carigiet. In addition, the production talents of P-Money, Sean Deans & Motive represent a handful of collaborations with some of Tiki’s closest friends.

Item Details

TITLE: Past, Present, Future
FORMAT: Compact Disc

Track Listing


1. Whakapuaki
2. Tangaroa
3. Now This Is It
4. Our Favourite Target
5. Faded
6. Saviour Dub
7. Always On My Mind
8. Wotcha Got
9. Always On My Mind Dub
10. Music Has Saved Me
11. Past Present Future
12. It’s All In Your Head
13. Tainui Waka


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