Cavanagh,  Joseph - Computer Arithmetic and Verilog Hdl Fundamentals

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Computer Arithmetic and Verilog Hdl Fundamentals  


By: Cavanagh, Joseph (Author).  Taylor & Francis Ltd. Published: 15/12/2009. Audience Guide: Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly.
Hardback. Sourced from U.S.A.


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This book presents the design of computer arithmetic circuits for four arithmetic operations using three number representations. The circuits are designed using algorithms or traditional design techniques and implemented using Verilog hardware description language (HDL) in the SILOS simulation environment. For each design method, the text illustrates the underling theory, examples of use, organization of the arithmetic function, logic design of the circuit, and Verilog HDL implementation. Verilog projects, including the design and test bench modules, as well as outputs and waveforms obtained from the simulator, illustrate the complete functional operation.

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 1439811245/9781439811245
TITLE: Computer Arithmetic and Verilog HDL Fundamentals
CONTRIBUTORS: Cavanagh, Joseph (Author)
PUBLISHER: Taylor & Francis Ltd
FORMAT: Hardback
SUBJECT: Computers/InternetComputers/InternetArchitectureGeneral Theory Of Computing
PAGES: 968
AUDIENCE GUIDE: Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly
ILLUSTRATIONS: 750 black & white illustrations, 72 black & white tables

Number Systems and Number Representations. Logic Design Fundamentals. Introduction to Verilog HDL. Fixed-Point Addition. Fixed-Point Subtraction. Fixed-Point Multiplication. Fixed-Point Division. Decimal Addition. Decimal Subtraction. Decimal Multiplication. Decimal Division. Floating-Point Addition. Floating-Point Subtraction. Floating-Point Multiplication. Floating-Point Division. Additional Floating-Point Topics. Additional Topics in Computer Arithmetic.


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