Oppenheimer,  Priscilla - Top-Down Network Design

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Top-Down Network Design  


By: Oppenheimer, Priscilla (Author).  Pearson Education (US). Published: 28/09/2010. Audience Guide: Professional & Vocational.
Hardback. Sourced from U.S.A.


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Network usage is continuing to accelerate as enterprise network users communicate via video-conferencing, develop products more collaboratively, and rely more heavily on networked tools. Top-Down Network Design, Third Edition presents a systematic, fully practical approach to designing networks that will keep pace with these changes. Thoroughly updated for today's newest technical and business trends, it covers all facets of enterprise network design and all elements of modern enterprise networks. The authors' innovative top-down approach starts by focusing on applications and user requirements, and only then turns to technology selection. You will discover how to systematically analyze business and technical requirements, and then select topologies and technologies that reflect this analysis. The authors walk through designing campus networks, data centers, remote access, and wide-area connectivity, and designing for security in an era of wireless networks and mobile users. They also present detailed coverage of performance, reliability, and scalability. Graphics are used extensively throughout to clarify concepts and present examples This Third Edition includes new coverage of designing networks that comply with IT Service Management processes, as well as an updated glossary. It also adds chapter-ending essay questions and design scenarios for readers who want to test their understanding of key concepts. *Presents an up-to-date, end-to-end design process for creating networks with maximum performance, security, scalability, and support for ITSM management processes *Focuses on supporting complex collaboration and the extensive use of video *Reflects new business models in areas ranging from bioinformatics and electronic healthcare to renewable energy and high-tech entertainment

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 1587202832/9781587202834
TITLE: Top-Down Network Design
CONTRIBUTORS: Oppenheimer, Priscilla (Author)
EDITION: 3rd Revised edition
IMPRINT: Cisco Press,U.S.
PUBLISHER: Pearson Education (US)
FORMAT: Hardback
SUBJECT: Computers/InternetSoftware - Applications
DIMENSIONS (Width x Height): 187mm x 232mm
PAGES: 600
AUDIENCE GUIDE: Professional & Vocational

Introduction Part I: Identifying Your Customer's Needs and Goals 1. Analyzing Business Goals and Constraints 2. Analyzing Technical Goals and Tradeoffs 3. Characterizing the Existing Internetwork 4. Characterizing Network Traffic Part II: Logical Network Design 5. Designing a Network Topology 6. Designing Models for Addressing and Naming 7. Selecting Switching and Routing Protocols 8. Developing Network Security Strategies 9. Developing Network Management Strategies Part III: Physical Network Design 10. Selecting Technologies and Devices for Campus Networks 11. Selecting Technologies and Devices for Enterprise Networks Part IV: Testing, Optimizing, and Documenting Your Network Design 12. Testing Your Network Design 13. Optimizing Your Network Design 14. Documenting Your Network Design Appendix. References and Recommended Reading Glossary


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