Giachetti,  Ronald E. - Design Of Enterprise Systems

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Design Of Enterprise Systems  


By: Giachetti, Ronald E. (Author).  Taylor & Francis Ltd. Published: 28/02/2010. Audience Guide: Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly.
Hardback. Sourced from U.S.A.


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Specifically written for graduate and undergraduate courses, this book provides the knowledge and skills necessary to lead enterprise engineering projects. The book describes a systematic methodology to design an enterprise system and presents an enterprise architecture that has three views of process, information, and organization. The text includes methods to analyze and design each view and then demonstrates how to integrate them to arrive at the overall enterprise design. The author also includes enterprise project template in MS Word and MS Excel, a business process analyzer in MS Excel, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, as well as solutions for the 200 problems that are presented in the book.

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 1439818231/9781439818237
TITLE: Design of Enterprise Systems
CONTRIBUTORS: Giachetti, Ronald E. (Author)
PUBLISHER: Taylor & Francis Ltd
FORMAT: Hardback
SUBJECT: Computers/InternetArchitecture
PAGES: 368
AUDIENCE GUIDE: Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly
ILLUSTRATIONS: 153 black & white illustrations, 57 black & white tables

Enterprise Engineering. Enterprise Engineering. Systems Theory. Modeling Concepts. Enterprise Design Methodology. Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Analysis & Design Methodology. Enterprise Project. Strategy. Problem Formulation & Requirements. Generate & Evaluate Alternatives. Process. Process Modeling. Queueing Theory. Process Analysis. Process Design. Information. Information Modeling. Organization. Organization Modeling. Integration. Enterprise Integration Technology.


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