Van Ness,  Sara J. - Watchmen As Literature

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Watchmen As Literature : A Critical Study of the Graphic Novel  


By: Van Ness, Sara J. (Author).  McFarland & Co Inc. Published: 15/05/2010. Audience Guide: Tertiary Education (US: College).
Paperback. Sourced from U.S.A.


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"Watchmen" has been hailed as the quintessential graphic novel and has spawned a body of literary criticism since its 1986 release. This work explores the graphic novel's reception in both popular and scholarly arenas and how the conceptual relationship between images and words affect the reading experience. Other topics include heroism as a stereotype and social construction, the hero's journey, the role of the narrator, and the way in which the graphic layout manipulates the reader's perception of time and space.

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 0786444754/9780786444755
TITLE: Watchmen as Literature
CONTRIBUTORS: Van Ness, Sara J. (Author)
IMPRINT: McFarland & Co Inc
PUBLISHER: McFarland & Co Inc
FORMAT: Paperback
SUBJECT: LiteratureNovels, Prose & Writers
DIMENSIONS (Width x Height): 152mm x 229mm
AUDIENCE GUIDE: Tertiary Education (US: College)
ILLUSTRATIONS: 14 illustrations, notes, bibliography, index


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