Isely,  Efram R. - United Nations Peacekeeping In the 21st Century

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United Nations Peacekeeping In the 21st Century  


By: Isely, Efram R. (Edited by).  Nova Science Publishers Inc. Published: 01/01/2010. Audience Guide: Tertiary Education (US: College), Professional & Vocational.
Hardback. Sourced from U.S.A.


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A major issue facing the United Nations, the United States, and the 110th Congress is the extent to which the United Nations has the capacity to restore or keep the peace in the changing world environment. Associated with this issue is the expressed need for a reliable source of funding and other resources for peacekeeping and improved efficiencies of operation. Since 1998, UN peacekeeping operations have taken on increasingly ambitious mandates, taken place in more challenging environments, and grown in size and scope. UN operations are also taking place in volatile, less developed countries. Most of the UN operations are located in some of the most politically unstable countries, as measured by the World Bank. The operations have become larger, more complex, and more resource intensive. This book delves into the increasing threats posed to the United Nations and the increases in both resources and personnel needed to keep the peace between nations. This book consists of public documents which have been located, gathered, combined, reformatted, and enhanced with a subject index, selectively edited and bound to provide easy access.

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 1607415623/9781607415626
TITLE: United Nations Peacekeeping in the 21st Century
CONTRIBUTORS: Isely, Efram R. (Edited by)
IMPRINT: Nova Science Publishers Inc
PUBLISHER: Nova Science Publishers Inc
FORMAT: Hardback
SUBJECT: SocietyWar & DefenceInternational RelationsPeacekeeping
DIMENSIONS (Width x Height): 155mm x 230mm
AUDIENCE GUIDE: Tertiary Education (US: College), Professional & Vocational

Preface; United Nations Peacekeeping: Challenges Obtaining Needed Resources Could Limit Further Large Deployments & Should Be Addressed in U.S. Reports to Congress; United Nations Peacekeeping: Issues for Congress; United Nations Peacekeeping: Lines of Authority for Field Procurement Remain Unclear, but Reforms Have Addressed Some Issues; Index.


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