Quantick,  David - Dangerous Book For Middle-Aged Men

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Dangerous Book For Middle-Aged Men : A Manual for Managing Mid-life Crisis  


By: Quantick, David (Author).  Cornerstone. Published: 06/05/2010. Audience Guide: General (US: Trade).
Paperback. Sourced from NZ.


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So your husband/boyfriend/partner (delete as necessary) has just tipped over 35/40/45/50 (delete as necessary) and you can see that he's not quite as keen on Emmerdale as he once was. He's started to dress with his jeans hoiked too high like his hero Jeremy Clarkson and he's bought a home gym - the one recommended by George Clooney. Then there are those Harley Davison brochures delivered in brown envelopes. You've noticed he's started pulling in his beer gut when he's talks to his teenage secretary. And why have his grey sideburns turned that browny black? That's a sure sign of hair dye. And then you stumble into the bathroom in the morning and he's got his hands in a jar of your face cream. LADIES BEWARE! That dangerous age has arrived. It's the male menopause. The mid-life crisis. The time when suddenly you find your partner has put a whole Scalextrix track in your attic without you noticing. He's bought an electric guitar and insists on playing "Smoke On The Water" to the cat at all hours. It that time when no matter what you say they suddenly don't mind making a fools of themselves. They come home almost every week with a new enthusiasm. Dangerous Men don't just cook - they COOK. With truffles, that cost GBP210 for one the size of a wrinkled scrotum, and have to be from the right region of France. And they must be served with a side order of blowfish, because you saw that in a "James Bond" DVD that came free with the "Mail on Sunday".

Item Details

ISBN10/13: 1848092016/9781848092013
TITLE: Dangerous Book for Middle-Aged Men,  The
CONTRIBUTORS: Quantick, David (Author)
IMPRINT: Arrow Books Ltd
PUBLISHER: Cornerstone
FORMAT: Paperback
SUBJECT: HumourSocietyGeneral HumourGender & Gay & Lesbian
DIMENSIONS (Width x Height): 129mm x 198mm (Spine: 18mm)
PAGES: 240
AUDIENCE GUIDE: General (US: Trade)
ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrations


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