Tan Ph.d.,  Mong H - Gods,  Genes,  Conscience

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Gods, Genes, Conscience : A Socio-Intellectual Survey of Our Dynamic Mind, Life, All Creations in Between and Beyond, on Earth--or, A Critical Reader's Theory of Everything: Past, Present, Future; in Continuum, Ad Infinitum  


By: Tan Ph.d., Mong H (Author).  iUniverse.com. Published: 30/01/2006.
Paperback. Sourced from U.K..


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Item Details

ISBN10/13: 0595379907/9780595379903
TITLE: Gods, Genes, Conscience
CONTRIBUTORS: Tan Ph.d., Mong H (Author)
IMPRINT: iUniverse.com,US
PUBLISHER: iUniverse.com
FORMAT: Paperback
SUBJECT: PhilosophyEthics & MoralPhilosophy Of Mind
DIMENSIONS (Width x Height): 229mm x 152mm
PAGES: 360


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