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Why a Real Groovy customer club?

What do club members get?

Why do I have to pay $5 to join?

How do I join?

I'm already a clubmember and I have a card - what do I do?

Do I get bonus points on everything I buy at Real Groovy?

What else do i need to know?
What's the Real Groovy customer club?
The Real Groovy Club has been successfully operating for many years, to reward those customers who regularly and loyally shop at Real Groovy. Giving bonuses based on total spend is the easiest and fairest way of doing so. The benefits of club membership are available to online purchasers as well. To keep you up to date with your entitlements the CLUB-O METER visually displays the status of your points whenever you visit our site, and in-store at the point of sale.
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What do club members get?

For a once only fee of Five Dollars, you receive a club card that accrues a point for every dollar you spend. When you have accrued two hundred points you automatically receive $20 off your purchase! This applies both to online and instore purchases: online, your points balance is shown on a CLUB-O METER (which replaces the "Join the Club" link when clubmembers log in); instore, your membership card is scanned and your points balance can be viewed on the point-of-sale terminal.
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Why do I have to pay $5 to join?

Operating the club has an administrative cost to Real Groovy, so we want to ensure that our customers carefully consider whether membership is worthwhile to them.
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How do I join?

If you want to join on-line click on the "Club Card" graphic adjacent. If you want to join in-store simply pay the membership fee at the counter before you make your purchase — and everything you buy from then on will count towards your bonus.

I am already a clubmember and I have a CARD - what do I do?

You can now gain Real Groovy Club Points with each online purchase. The Real Groovy "CLUB-O-METER" will show your points balance. If you received a new membership card instore you will need to enter your Real Groovy Club Information (Card Number and Code) to use the Club online.
If you have already have a website customer account with us, you will need to update the Real Groovy Club Member information in your account details. To do this, click here, or go to VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT at the top of the page, then click on 'modify your account'.

If you don't have a website account with us, you must include your Real Groovy Club Member information when create an account with us. To create an account now, click here, or go to VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT at the top of the page, then click on the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button.

Refer to the brochure you received with your card, or read the rest of this page if you need to refresh your memory on how the Club operates.
If you purchased a Real Groovy Club membership online, your membership details were added to your account information before the card was dispatched - no further action is required. We will recognise you as a club member as soon as you login.
If you have any problems with your clubmember card or membership please contact us.
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Do I get bonus points on everything I buy at Real Groovy?

The only items excluded are concert tickets and non-Real Groovy gift vouchers (sometimes, heavily discounted or low margin items, such as Playstation consoles, may be excluded). Goods purchased with any gift vouchers, or on account, don’t qualify either. Purchases made with credit notes, cash, cheque, credit card and EFTPOS are all eligible.
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What else do I need to know?

If you shop online your membership is recorded with your account so you don't have to worry - when you log in we check to see if you are a member and any points are added as you go.
If you go to one of our stores you must present your card BEFORE the sale commences to avoid unnecessary delays. Bonus points will are not issued retroactively - you MUST remember to have your card with you whenever you shop in-store.
If you shop online, ensure that you enter your Real Groovy Club Membership information in your account details, otherwise we will not be able to issue you points for your website purchases. You will need to enter your club card number and code.

Look after your card. If you have lost your card it will be cancelled and a replacement card can be supplied at a cost of $5. We invalidate any lost cards so if you subsequently find your card you can safely destroy it. Fraudulent use will be detected. All purchases made by club members are recorded and bonus entitlements will be verified.

Please note that there is a very important difference between instore and online bonus entitlements: when you buy instore and reach a $20 bonus level, the bonus is deducted from the amount that you have to pay for the goods; when you buy online, the bonus IS NOT allocated until the goods are shipped and the transaction is processed. This may cause some delays in updating your points balance, especially in the case of items which must be ordered in or imported.
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